My promotion (couple game)

Alone, that's usually the case. There  i come  back later than me.

I'm going to take a shower, relax a bit and freshen up for the evening.

I go to my room to undress. On the bed a very nice package and a note: "wear it!".

Peremptory message. I like it when it's  bossy Ə

I open, I thought I would find a dress but no, a sex toys. Weird but elegant design. Not even that small to wear.

I'm not used to using them but when I get involved it turns me on, it makes me feel even more hers.

I look at it and I feel that I am getting wet. Just at the thought I get excited.

I go to the shower and keep thinking what awaits me for tonight.

I smear myself with cream, I want to be with soft and fragrant skin.

I choose a sexy lingerie item but I have to consider that I also have to wear sex toys. I can't put on a thong, it wouldn't contain the toy.

Found what suits me.

Instinctively I take the sex toys, stand with my legs a little open, lubricate it with the gel before putting it on.

Get in, get in well and stay up even without anything. It is not small what I feel inside but the shape is specially designed not to be visible under the clothes.

I let him in and out slowly, a ledge enters me even in the smallest hole and gives me a feeling of fullness. All holes are engaged. I would like to continue but I stop.

I wear the lingerie I have chosen and sit on the sofa.

Only the movements make me feel pleasure.

I get a message; "Get dressed, I'll pick you up in 10 minutes".

I bathe even more.

I dress. Tonight I want to be provocative, not only the lingerie but also the outfit must surprise.

Short black dress, stockings, high-heeled shoes. I feel fine.

Here comes, I go down. I get in the car, kiss. His tongues intertwine, his hands in my hair. Let's go.

After about twenty minutes we arrive, park and get out of the car.

We are out of town, the restaurant has well-spaced tables outdoors.

Let's start with an aperitif, I take a spritz.

"Did you turn it on?" she asks me. My expression suggests that no, I didn't.

"Turn it on!".

I don't even know how to do it. I go to the bathroom, luckily I have a short skirt that does not prevent me from moving, I look for a button without taking it off. Found, I press it. A small vibration warns me that it is now active.

I go back to the table. She behaves like a geisha tonight, she seems to me to be obedient and submissive.

The waiter approaches, "have you chosen?" he asks with extreme kindness.

A handsome boy, really handsome. I feel him starting to vibrate. My expression changes in amazement, I hold back. I let myself go to the caresses that the toy provokes in me; clitoris, G-spot and prostate all stimulated together. I try to answer in a tone of voice that doesn't let out what I'm feeling.

I speak, the vibration increases. My voice gets higher, I'm about to come.

The vibrations stop. Wet, I'm so wet that I'm afraid of staining my skirt too.

Finished to order I take my face in my hands "sure you want to drive me crazy tonight" I say.

He smiles. "Do you like the waiter?". "A nice boy" I reply.

Whenever the waiter approached the vibrations would start and he would turn them off just before I could come.

"Congratulations on your promotion honey".

"Thanks" I reply.

"I'll give you a present tonight, we invite the waiter to our house".

I never expected such a proposal knowing his jealousy.

"No love, I want you and only you" I reply.

"Too bad," he says, following that statement by a smug and sly smile.

We finish dinner and get in the car. The street is not that of home. We arrive in a club, full of people, loud music but not too much.

Let's have a drink again. The vibrations start again, strange sensation, increase and decrease to the sound of music. I can not believe. We look at each other, he smiles "yes darling the vibrations go to the sound of music". He laughs, laughs with amusement They don't stop, this time they don't stop, on the contrary they increase. I come, I can no longer restrain myself and I come among all those people. I let myself go to the verses and I open my mouth, not being able to restrain myself anymore. I come so loud that, despite the music, I think my lines have been heard. The vibrations stop. I am a lake.

Red, my cheeks feel warm, I'm sure I'm red as a pepper.

My desire is not satisfied, on the contrary.

We get back in the car and run towards the house.

We go in, we rush into the room, I undress, I take off the toy, I get up and kiss it. My language conveys desire. Her head di lei di lei di lei in my hands.

I sit on the bed, spread my legs, take his head and carry it to my wet hole.

"I wanted to make you feel how wet I am." Her di lei di lei di lei tongue di lei di lei is expert, her hands on my thighs and her tongue scouring and caressing me with skill.

I come again, this time screaming as I like it.

I get up, his head in my hands, my lips on his and tongues chasing each other.

The eyes are fixed, he knows that now is my turn to give pleasure.

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