Female erogenous zones

The female body is rich in erogenous zones, knowing where they are and how to stimulate them is important since their stimulation produces a sexual response and predisposes us to orgasm.

The erogenous zones are not only, as is commonly thought, the clitoris, the vagina, the breasts and the buttocks, but they are much more and are widespread throughout the female body, even in the most unexpected areas. They are not the same for everyone and even the methods of stimulation are subjective and vary from person to person: only by knowing yourself and your body could we discover what pleases us most.

The map of the erogenous zones of the female body can be divided as follows:

-        Erogenous zones inside the genital system, therefore the clitoris, the labia minora, the pelvic wall, the point G. Their stimulation can take place with the caresses of auto-eroticism or masturbation, with oral sex, or through use of sex toys: vibrators, clitoral suckers, realistic dicks, vibrating realistic dicks or with thrusting movements and, if you want to stimulate clitoris and G-spot at the same time, Rabbit vibrator. The Rabbit vibrator became famous in a famous television series; Sex & the City.

-        Erogenous zones close to the genital tract which are so sensitive and give so much pleasure that they become an alternative. They are the areas of the breast and nipples, buttocks, anus and perineum. Also for these areas there are many objects that can help stimulation and spice up intercourse: gels, prostate vibrators, anal plugs, nipple suckers with or without vibration, nipple clamps. All objects of pleasure that can let your imagination run wild

-        Areas away from the genitals but so strongly sensitive to touch that they predispose your body to orgasm. In this case we are talking about the hair, the scalp, the nape of the neck, the ears, the mouth, the armpits to go down the back and reach the thighs, inside the thigh to finish with the feet and ankles. Would you ever think that a "screaming" orgasm could start from stroking your hair?

So, all that remains is to find out which are our most sensitive areas and how to stimulate them, to experience sexuality to the fullest! 

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