Chastity Belt

This customer had already ordered before and was a top customer.

The items purchased were different, Classic Vibrators, Rabbit Vibrator, Realistic Dicks of different sizes, G-spot Vibrator, Prostate stimulators, Anal Plug, Bondage Kit, Strap-on, various lubricating gels.

We have always shipped with our usual courier.

We only made the delivery once because the order was received on Friday evening.

If we had shipped with the usual courier he would not have received the precious content until the following Tuesday.

As we sometimes do, we contacted her with discretion and offered her the delivery made with one of our representatives for Saturday morning.

Happy with the proposal and surprise for our customer care, he appreciated our service.

I go personally, at 9 am there under his house; intercom.

She gets out, a beautiful woman in her fifties. Even dressed in her jumpsuit, her beauty was evident.

He thanks me for the delivery and let's have a chat. He compliments me for the site and for the service offered and the elegance of the packaging.

He did not show any embarrassment even though he knew that I was a company employee and that I was aware of the contents of the package.

We leave with a cordial good day.

Rossella makes other orders that we ship with our courier. The name, of course, is known to me from its membership on the site.

One more order on Friday night. Same procedure; we contact to propose our delivery.

"Yes, thank you very much, you deliver but not at 9 like last time. If you can around 10-10.30 it would be better ".

I'm still going.

Punctual at 10.30 on the intercom, "Oh good morning, would you mind getting in?"

He greets me as if he recognized me, he must have seen me from the video intercom.

"No problem lady, stairs and floor?"

“Scala B, 2nd floor”.

I ring the bell, a gentleman opens me; "Please enter".

Within. She looks out of the kitchen door “good morning, how are you doing? Do you drink a coffee? I've just done it"

"No thanks madam, I have already taken 2 since this morning"

"I am offended, take a seat on the sofa as I arrive".

I sit down, I can't say no. At my side the gentleman who opened the door for me.

She arrives with a tray dressed in an above-the-knee skirt and a pair of stern high-heeled sandals, a white shirt undone to show her large breasts and a pair of sheer seamed stockings.

Great pussy, I say to myself, great pussy but with a severe expression.

She smiles at me “this is Alberto, he is my husband. Does it remind me of his name? "


He sits down next to me and hands me the cup of coffee. The husband, getting up, takes a seat on a sofa in front of us.

When the coffee is finished, Rossella takes my cup from me and puts it back on the tray placed on the coffee table.

“Let's take a look at the new toy,” he says aloud as he opens it.

Pull out a black object. "Do you want to try it immediately Alberto?" she says looking at her husband.

He nods with obedience and excitement.

“I leave you and thanks for the coffee”. I start to get up when she stops me by placing a hand on her leg.

“Stay here with us, don't be in a hurry”.

His hand still on my thigh. I don't know if I'm more embarrassed or excited about his hand which is on my thigh but an inch from my penis which is getting harder and harder.

Her hand is still there, crosses her legs and you can see the hooks of the garter belt.

The distance between his hand and my penis has now been filled with arousal.

She doesn't move it, on the contrary, she puts it right on top. She looks at me and kisses me putting her tongue in my mouth.

Even knowing that her husband is there, right in front of us, I don't feel embarrassed. I'll say more, it turns me on a lot.

I take her head and kiss her with more vigor and desire as a hand enters her skirt to caress her thighs.

His hand always on my shaft as if to check that the vigor does not go out.

He gets up, walks on his heels as if he does not touch the ground, his walking is so light and sinuous.

Sensual, provocative, female.

It disappears from my sight.

The husband, still sitting in front of me, looks at me. I stare at him as if to understand what he is thinking.

His gaze is excited and not at all angry.

She reappears without the skirt, the garter belt and black stockings stand out on the white blouse.

In hand a pair of handcuffs and the new item just bought.

She hands it to her husband and tells him to wear it.

He takes off his pants, then his briefs and fumbles with the object. I am only now realizing that it is a male chastity belt. She approaches and closes the lock on the chastity belt, the key puts it on the table near the sofa.

She takes the handcuffs and cuffs him with his hands behind his back.

"Now sit in the chair and see how you can satisfy a woman".

These words fill me with responsibility, will I be able to fulfill it?

I'm still sitting on the sofa, she comes over and takes a seat next to me. Him in front of us.

Her legs open as she unfastens my belt and I harp my zipper. A quick movement and he slips out of his pants as he kisses me eagerly.

My hand gently touches her inner thigh until it touches the splendid opening. Moist, soft, velvety hairless.

She holds it tight in a hand that moves slowly up and down to remind me to keep faith with her desire to be satisfied.

His mouth descends slowly on my member. She always sat next to me  to  be seen better by her husband. Her eyes stare at Alberto while her tongue takes care of my glans. One leg raised on the sofa slightly bent, the other off the sofa.

This position allows me to have free access to her clitoris, her lips, her vagina that I caress with my hand as she starts sucking it.

A hand, the one that does not hold my penis, is resting on my knee and makes the sign of the horns.

She wants to point out to her husband what he is, a cuckold and wanker. Actually no, no wanker, she doesn't have the chance to touch herself but her expression denounces her desire to do it.

"Alberto look how I suck him, would you like to be in my place?"

He nods his head in approval, a barely hinted gesture.

Rossella gets up, stands in front of me with her back to me. Her face always turned to her husband as if to increase his humiliation.

He sits down holding my member in his hand to point it on its opening and put it in better.

It goes down slowly, I feel it slip inside. He only stops when his buttocks rest on my thighs and he can't go any further.

She stands there, still, legs open to offer a better view to her husband.

Her hand is now touching her clitoris, the sign of the horns often recurs even as she masturbates with my cock inside her.

He starts moving slowly up and down, he groans. I don't know if I can resist. The situation is so exciting that I have to force myself not to come right away.

My hands take her hips, I begin to rhythm her movement until I realize that I pull her down with more and more force to slam her vigorously.

I stop, it stops.

Gets up. Instinctively I get up too. I place it on the sofa folded 90 degrees so that Alberto can see how I take it.

Before penetrating her I lean towards her pussy and lick her to give her pleasure and relief. The clitoris is swollen.

I alternate licking and sucking on the clitoris.

I get up, point it and enter with force. A moan of pain mixed with pleasure comes out of her mouth.

I start banging her hard. Then slowly, just to last longer.

I go out, I'm about to explode but not now, she hasn't come yet.

He gets up and takes a small vibrator.

He repositions himself comfortably on the sofa, offering me the narrowest hole.

She doesn't even need lube, so much so that her moods have come to wet her everywhere.

I support the chapel on its amazing little hole.

"Fuck me hard". I enter quickly, I understand what those anal toys were for.

Cozy, warm, tight. I take a few well-aimed shots to get in well.

I move slowly, then hard, then slowly again.

She holds the small vibrator against her clit and moans, moans like a hot and perverted lady can.

I hear her moan and come, she shakes as if to hear him better and begs me to bang her hard.

I explode inside her feeling a pleasure never felt before.

She keeps coming, multiple orgasms that force me not to stop penetrating her hard.

She stops and rests her head on the sofa exhausted and satisfied.

I am also exhausted but very satisfied.

After a few seconds of rest, which seemed like an eternity, she gets up, goes to Alberto and frees her hands from the handcuffs.

He goes back to the sofa and sits down next to me.

She kisses me, her legs wide open and between her legs Alberto's head which he licks greedily to bring her to a new orgasm.

“Next time Alberto I'll let you taste Giovanni's cock, you'll like it too”.

He looks at her, smiles and returns to lick his wife's clit with patience and experience.

Rossella cums again while we kiss, her hand on my penis that continues to masturbate with thanks and ability. I explode again.

“Giovanni was really nice, next time you will come again to deliver the orders to me”.

I will not be able to do otherwise after this experience that has excited me like never before.


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